Pilgrimage Clothing

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Romeria clothing has a very different cut compared to everyday clothing. It is normally used in country events such as cowboy riding, pilgrimages or fairs. It generally consists of denim trousers or cloth trousers, plaid shirt, stripes or Cuban style, as well as hats, country shoes and complements such as the handkerchief. In the case of women's country clothing, elements such as riding skirts are added, as well as elements specific to horse riding such as chaps and gaiters.

In Roberto Garrudo we offer you a wide range of clothes for Romería of the best quality and at the best price. Our country clothing is made with the best products and fabrics of the best quality, which adapts to any body or temperature.

Types of clothing for Romería

In Roberto Garrudo we have an extensive catalogue of Romería clothing for all tastes and needs. 


Sleeveless shawls in different designs and colours.

Rider skirts

Horse riding skirts of the best quality in different styles and colours.

Warm clothing

Warm clothing for use in the countryside and related activities such as horse riding.

Country trousers

Different designs, sizes and colours of the best quality trousers.

Where to buy clothes for Romería?

In Roberto Garrudo you can buy clothes for Romería through our website robertogarrudo.com in a quick and easy way and receive it at home in a couple of days. We also ship worldwide to countries in Europe, Asia and America.

We also have a physical shop in the Triana and Castilleja de la Cuesta neighbourhoods in Seville.